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    Discover linen collections near you and online

    A selection of fashion, home and lifestyle products in eco-responsible, long-lasting linen from our partner brands’ collections

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    Eco-responsible and long-lasting linen is honoured from 5 April to 15 July 2021 through the I LOVE LINEN awareness campaign, which is implemented with the support of partners across Europe to shine the light on an exceptional local product sector….

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    ‘JARDINONS’ at THE BHV MARAIS department store, from 8 May to 7 June 2021

    Parisians’ favourite department store BHV will display linen in all its forms on each floor, in the windows and a field of flax will grow outside the store front on rue de Rivoli. Treat yourself to the latest linen creations…




Where to find linen? You can explore the full rundown
of I LOVE LINEN partners in the Linen Locator,
including addresses, opening hours and online shops.


Did you know that Linen is a wonder fabric
that is good for the wearer and the planet?
It is sustainably produced, easy to look after
and does your body good.

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Meet the men and women who create the linen you love: from flax farmers to scutchers; spinners to weavers and knitters. The transformation from flax to linen is a poetic journey that creates a unique fabric.

How to grow your
own flax crop? Flyer

There are enough flax seeds in each I Love Linen packet
to produce your own mini flax field.

Growing instructions >